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The Orienteering Trails

Permanent Orienteering Trails

Six routes to challenge you

Example of an orienteering map

What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is a physical and mental challenge that involves fitness, mapreading skills and rapid decision-making. Competitors can work individually or in teams, and navigate around an area to find a series of control points. The team that completes the course in the shortest time wins.

The sport was originally developed as an exercise for military officers to test their ability to lead troops across an unfamiliar landscape to a speciific destination. Today it is a popular sports hobby for people of all ages and abilities.

Six courses in the Park

There are six permanent courses in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, with fixed markers at each control point. The markers are designed to work with the MOBO Orienteering app (which proves that you located each control point).  You can pick up a paper copy of the orienteering maps at the Information Point near the Aquatic Centre, or you can download them from the British Orienteering website at this link.

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